Weekend update

Weekend! I have been “trapped in my skull” all week, writing, and some knitting has taken place. More tripping, stumbling, and falling into new yarn than anything…oops! Augustine is all finished now, but I need a non-selfie photo of me wearing it to show it off. The dropped columns aren’t very photogenic, and I haven’t given it a bath yet (because I was too excited to wear the new shawlette). I used all but a few grams of the meadow yarn. Definitely an easy knit; once you get past the overly descriptive beginning part of the pattern, it’s easy to see what you’re supposed to be doing. I maintain that I don’t enjoy the increase every 4th row mode of knitting shawls, because with all those slipped edges and makes, it can be really difficult to read where you are if you happen to put it down somewhere in the middle!

Yesterday I practiced a little knitting in the wild, both at the crazily crowded DMV (I drove to a suburb specifically to avoid the hassle of the city DMV, and there weren’t enough chairs to seat everyone waiting!) and the car dealer, where I had some recall service done. Below is my first ever Opal sock, which is potato-chippy enough. With colorwork happening and rapid finish mode with the shawl, I have not been feeling socks lately, so this has been going far too long. If I sat down tonight and focused, I could get the HO. Something tells me, however, that I won’t actually do it.

DMV knitting on 2.25 mm Karbonz.

DMV knitting on 2.25 mm Karbonz.

Next up is the colorwork update. Man, this stuff is going quick! I finished the (almost said toe) decreases on mitt #1 on Tuesday, I think, and was still working on the second cuff Wednesday evening. Meaning I got a lot of hand done at the dealer yesterday, I guess! Colorwork is super fun, and continental knitting with the white made me want to try continental purling. I “figured it out” on the cuff before realizing that in fact I was twisting the purls because that’s easier. If you’re knitting flat stockinette this way, you can compensate by using a combination method – knitting into the back of the twisted purls – but on a ribbed cuff, it makes an already awkward purl more awkward. Let’s just say I understand why Martina Behm hates to purl. Continental purling in the correct direction makes up for all time gained in continental knitting. I joyfully switched back to my ergonomically wasteful English throwing technique for the tail end of the cuff. Jury’s still out on these – when I get thumbs I’ll be anxious to see how they fit. I’m also unsure how to knit the thumbs. Camilla calls for plain background color. No, thank you, I think I’ll not stick a thin boring thumb on a patterned mitt. Famous last words, I’m sure.

Houston, we've got two thumbs!

Houston, we’ve got two thumbs!

Finally, a little of my most recent enabling. My sister loves this little Iowa-based indie dyer, Yarn Love, and buys every colorway they make when she goes to her fave LYS, Stitch. Since Stitch is not local to me (and the only time I’ve been there it was closed and I couldn’t go in), I’m at the mercy of her selections for Yarn Love. Apparently not quite, because a little web-based shop, Smitten Yarns, sells that and Yarn Love’s friend Three Irish Girls. I snagged some Marianne (SW Merino, my fave) in the “Charm” colorway that sang to me on Sunday in a moment of weakness, and it arrived in all it’s colorful glory on Thursday. I blame the “sale” price, which could have been TDF related, I suppose. Sale price, limited quantities…my “get it before it’s gone” instinct kicked in before I could even stop to think about it. I don’t regret it at all, because it’s lovely, and Smitten Yarns wrote me the sweetest note with my purchase. I don’t need yarn. I don’t need fiber. I just can’t help wanting to knit and spin it all.

Charmingly charming "Charm" by Yarn Love, in Marianne (SW Merino) base.

Charmingly charming “Charm” by Yarn Love, in Marianne (SW Merino) base.

Work will be hopping this week, and stress is bound to multiply. I’ll knit to stay sane, I suppose, but maybe not as much as I have been. Can’t believe August is nearly here! Knit the good yarn!


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