Make it quick

I’m at work on a Saturday, which means I ought to be working and not blogging, but I suppose this is less expensive than trolling etsy or ravelry for more stash/patterns to collect. I’ll make it quick (in hopes that work is uber productive and I am able to knit faster as a result!).

Big week of purchasing for me. Er, at least it feels that way. My Voolenvine yarn came in the mail on Wednesday (though it was expected Monday, from the tracking, I think it bounced back and forth between local post offices a few times…that was 3 days of hurriedly walking home before I was finally rewarded with a cutie pie package of yarn and goodies). I love Kristin’s stock colorways, and thanks to my friend, I’ve seen five of them up close and personal – she really does a good job. This skein, a OOAK, turned out a lot lighter than the photo, which was a teensy bit of a bummer. I can’t complain though, it’s still lovely and soft and wonderful. Lesson learned about internet photos and real life expectations!

Berrycuda OOAK / Mernio + Nylon + Cashmere / Lush Fingering

OOAK Berrycuda from Voolenvine. This is what I expected to find. See the depth? (Voolenvine’s photo)

Voolenvine in real life: Berrycuda

Voolenvine in real life: Berrycuda

After all that hemming and hawing, I bought a braid of SpunRightRound Mutant Flamingo on Rambouillet. I cannot wait for that. The photo is so fluffy (I’m gonna die, as the saying goes), I can only imagine it’s a million times better in real life. I have been spinning some on the Yarn Love. I’m afraid I got thinner between ounce #1 and ounce #2, because the second ounce is taking FOREVER. As thin as it is now, I believe I will have to chain-ply it. I hope it’s still pretty that way – I don’t know what I was thinking, besides “you have to get more than 340 yards,” which was my last 2-ply. It will be socks. Maybe odd looking, but socks nonetheless.

I also have a custom order coming. I want to keep the details quiet for now, but I will definitely report back on the knitting when it comes. Yay!

This week turned downright cold, so I busted out the Camilla mitts. I guess those are for me now! I ought to make some more mitts for stock gifts. They’re fun and easy to produce, and pretty impressive to look at, if I may say so. I also cast on my Hiro sweater. I have a few inches of the first sleeve done. As I was warned, colorwork is a little trickier to tension on worsted weight yarn! Here’s what I have so far. Color dominance becomes more important, and I should have actually switched hands sooner than when I did. Learning experiences! Speaking of sweaters, I’ve been wearing my Tea Leaves. I may not be fully satisfied with the fit, but man, it is so nice to wear a wool cardigan. Makes me wish I could improve my back and forth stockinette enough to justify knitting another. There’s always steeking, which would be another adventure!!

Hiro! Can you see it?

Hiro! Can you see it?

Finally, and I really should be going soon, I’ve been working on my Grandma’s hat. This photo is quite lame, but it shows my progress. After I hit row 20, I went back to row 1 of the colorwork, and I’m now finished with 13 of the 20 first rows. I’m on the fence as to whether I should have done this, but I will go forward as planned because my grandmother’s curlers are going to need plenty of room! If she doesn’t like the fit, I’m sure there’s some potted plant lacking a cover. I hope it doesn’t come down to that. With my big head, it might fit me as a beanie if it doesn’t fit her. Hey, I’m liking the way this sounds! 😉 I should mention that you can’t tell from the photo, but my tension is definitely improving as I go. I had read that you should space out the stitches on the right needle before carrying your float across the back in order to get the right length of yarn there. That helps a lot. It’s a little tricky to get the right tension on the floated stitch so that it doesn’t bulge with extra yarn, but it works out a lot better if you space the stitches. I’m happier overall with my colorwork, and I have resolved to continue practicing to get even better.

Shibu Modern grows!

Shibu Modern grows!

Alright. That’s enough yarny rambling for now. Knit the good yarn if you can today – I sure wish I were!


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