Starting the week off right

How has it been so long already? October is barreling towards its close, and my humble knitting blog can’t keep up with the pace I’ve been keeping. Since I last wrote, I have finished the monkey socks, the first 2 oz (and now, finally, almost the 3rd oz) of yarn love, and I enjoyed the Great American Wool Festival in Stillwater. I also started and nearly finished a commissioned pair of glittens for my pastor, made progress on super secret Christmas knitting, and started a hat and a sock for some airplane knitting.

photo 3 (7) photo 4 (5) photo 1 (9)

photo 2 (9) photo (19) photo 4 (6)

photo 5 (4) photo 5 (3)

photo 1 (10) photo 2 (10) photo 3 (8)

Moving from top left across and down:

Commissioned glittens (with a background of sound board), true hand model. Finished monkey socks in Dream in Color Smooshy, colorway “Beach Fog” from the lovely clariknit. Chroma fingering sockhead hat cast on in the “Vermont” colorway. My opal socks for the plane – knit on Caspian dpns, 2.25 mm, plain vanilla style. Toes on the beach, followed by the intersection of This, That, and Center — those punny Texans! I’m also showing my most recent bobbin shot of Yarn Love, the two skeins of Madtosh samples I bought last time, and the hurry-up crochet I whipped out to adorn my generic black suitcase for travel. The center image of crochet is based off of a pink-ribbon scarf pattern/tutorial. I don’t like to crochet, and I don’t claim to be able to, but these monstrosities stuck out like a waterfall in a desert at the baggage claim, and I didn’t care what became of them (so long as the bag they were originally attached to made it back to me). I should mention, if you’re interested in the pink ribbon scarf for yourself, the construction seems conducive to snagging. Those ribbon twists are not anchored at all, making for a really flimsy, open scarf. Oh, and I don’t like to crochet, did I mention that? 🙂

So much to do, so little time. On the work front, the class I’m teaching is getting a little dense, my research project is attracting some attention (and likely personnel additions), and I’m still waiting to hear back from job prospects. In short, so grateful this is now and not a year ago, when life had spiraled down, down, down. Until next time, knit the good yarn!