Hiding my knitting

I’ve started several posts in the last month or so, and my reasoning for not publishing them boiled down to not enough show-able content. My schedule has been packed (and so has my knitting bag), but most of what I’m working on will be classified as “super-secret” knitting, only to see light of day post-Christmas. Also a word to note – there was much less yarn-buying guilt in the last month. I spent plenty of time browser “window” shopping, but nothing made it into my cart after I caught a Lollipop Yarn update and scored some of the new beefcake base in “We Need a Little Christmas.” That was Oct 19. I think I left it out of my previous post because a.) Lollipop Yarn fans who don’t get the updates get pretty upset (at least on Ravelry, yikes!), and b.) I think I only bought it because I was sure I’d never be fast enough to get it.

This weekend, precisely 4 weeks later, I broke my moratorium on yarn procurement on a hasty trip to the much beloved Yarnery. I should pause to say that this wasn’t really a moratorium. I was simply uninterested in putting the money down and buying new yarn in that month. I have been pretty busy, I have been feeling very determined to finish some projects, and I have a hankering to knit through some of the stash. No, I am not coming down with something, but I heartily agree that that sentiment seems odd for me. At the Yarnery, I noticed that they began stocking Three Irish Girls sock yarns. Oh dear. I had buzzed in on a short break between two commitments with a single mission: more size 0 needles (more on that in a bit). As usual, the woolly thrill of the fingering weight yarn room beckoned, and I meandered there unwittingly. I stood. Admired. Maybe even drooled a little bit. But then I remembered. My cabinet is full to bursting of glorious sock yarn. I said no. (Admittedly, if the price on Three Irish Girls were a little less exorbitant, even rationale would not have stopped me, and I would have spent even more by collecting matched sets of variegated with coordinating colors…).

Naturally, to congratulate myself on walking away from my temptation of the moment (seriously, check out “supernova”), I gave in and picked up a long-desired, cheap(er) skein of Malabrigo Merino Worsted in the Polar Morn colorway. I can’t help but adore grays, and since I had just eliminated a skein of the same yarn (Uva color), there wasn’t any question in my mind. This skein will be perhaps a new Luxe Cowl, or a Thermis for me, or maybe some hat or mitten pattern yet to be determined. Loose plans get me into trouble, but gray is awfully tempting.

About those 0s, this has been a finishing month. I’m finished with my Dad’s super secret Christmas socks, and I finished the “eternity” spin, as I’m calling it. Remember Yarn Love? I got it just as I was starting to blog about my fibery adventures, and I began spinning it in the beginning of September. Well, I figured out why it was taking so long. I chain-plyed the first bobbin and got a whopping 260 yards. I surprised myself majorly, because the last chain-ply I did was a grand total of 360 yards. Too excited to wait, I skeined that bobbin before starting bobbin number 2. The 260 yards is a heavy fingering, I’d guess, and destined to become a hat. I think the yardage would be perfect. Bobbin #2, however. 412 yards. You read that right. Out of 2 oz. That is some skinny skinny yarn! The two skeins do not match in weight (probably because of how much time passed between start and finish of the singles), so it’s definitely 2 projects. For the second skein, I will attempt some socks (but if it’s too flimsy, I will find something else), and for those, I needed more size 0s.

The galleria: Singles, 1st bobbin chain-ply, 2nd bobbin chain ply, 1st skein (260 yards), 2nd skein (412 yards), and side by side comparison.

Yarn Love "Charm" SW Merino singles Bobbin 1 Bobbin 2 Skein 1, 260 ydsSkein 2photo 3 (13)

Beyond that, a brief update in photos. First Opal Hundertwasser sock completed (second past the heel as of this morning), a commissioned spin on a SW Merino/Nylon/Bamboo blend by Ewephoric Fibers (my first), and the completed Thermis cowl that is now residing with its purple-adoring owner, P.

photo (20) photo 1 (15) photo 2 (15)

Another interview awaits, and then Thanksgiving to follow. Christmas will be here before we know it! Until next time, knit the good yarn!