Falling, and revelation

Last month’s boast post was apparently a fatal error, because in the following weeks, I blew the yarn budget on fiber, more fiber, yarn, more yarn, and still have a gift card and coupon combo to use before the end of January.

The interview I mentioned took me near home, so I stayed there and visited a little craft fair over the weekend. There were maybe 12 vendors, and a small handful of them were selling hand-knit and crocheted goods (of the big yarn, big needles variety). One vendor, however, took me by surprise and had baskets on baskets of carded wool for spinning. These 1 oz mini batts came in vibrant colors that she apparently hand dyed as well. I picked out 4 oz of color and threw in 4 oz of a gray/white shetland combo, for the sheer joy of touching the fiber I was fixin’ to spin. I planned ahead and brought my trusty trindle home with me, so I spun up half an ounce in a couple of days. Result: awesome. I’m only showing the one I’ve started spinning, because I was too excited to photograph the entire haul. >.<

photo 1 (16) photo 2 (16)

I finished up the Hundertwasser Wintergeist socks, but of course I didn’t photograph them. I have a sinking feeling I won’t be finishing up too many other planned Christmas socks. There simply isn’t time!

I’m working on a team baby blanket, that is, a friend and I are sharing ownership of the project for a mutual friend’s soon-to-be-here daughter. Let me rephrase. Shortly after another interview trip in October, my friend and I met, and she handed over the half-finished blanket and the remaining yarn. Then, just to make sure the yarn was at peak ripeness, I let it “soak” in the bag for about a month. I picked it up Wed before Thanksgiving, and now a week later, I have most of that finished. I’ve been enjoying the long rows of more or less mindless garter, and it’s been a good reason to back-burner process the looming decisions, options, and deadlines. I hit a crisis yarn shortage a while back (it’s possible I didn’t get all of the yarn the first time), but we made it work by rendezvous on Tuesday. The yarn is Berroco Weekend, which I don’t think I would have picked if it hadn’t been on sale. It’s something of an 8 or 12 ply comprised of 4-6 two-plies plied together. It splits a little, but the final texture is nice. I don’t think it should ever pill.

Christmas presents are a little less panicky this year. I’ve stocked up on some socks throughout the year, and I imagine there will be an eventual shortage, as usual. I have a few more projects I’d like to finish, start and finish, and stretch for. We’ll see what the next 3 weeks bring. I had a revelation this morning while knitting. I should probably skip the panic altogether and knit whatever I feel like knitting. Strange concept, I know!

Knitting (but hopefully not buying) the good yarn!


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